Zhi Xing China Programme

Vision and aims of the programme

As part of the unique learning experience at YK Pao School, students are given the opportunity to take part in our Zhi Xing China Programme. This is a week of learning and education outside the classroom in which students engage in fun and challenging opportunities which complement and run alongside the school’s curriculum, enhancing and building on the lessons learnt in the classroom. The Zhi Xing China Programme will provide opportunities to travel to various different locations around China so students can experience and learn about the foundations of Chinese culture and history.


The primary goals of Pao School’s Zhi Xing China Programme are drawn from our mission statement:

  1. Developing the whole person: Our students will develop intellectual, social and emotional skills, strong character and positive attitudes through a diverse range of learning environments and activities.
  2. Passing on traditions of Chinese culture: Our students will gain a deep understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture, including literature, history, philosophy, and art.
  3. Fostering an international perspective: Our students will develop both intercultural knowledge and skills to address issues and succeed on a global stage.


Zhi Xing China Courses will:

  • Provide experiential learning and educational opportunities to develop stronger connections between the classroom and the wider world
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop the character traits that will benefit throughout their life
  • Provide opportunities to understand Chinese culture and traditions.


Zhi Xing China Courses may:

  • Foster physical, academic, empathetic and personal growth
  • Provide opportunities to develop grit and application of their prior knowledge in unfamiliar situations
  • Reinforce self esteem and provide a sense of?achievement
  • Offer opportunities to engage in service learning
  • Cultivate respect for Chinese traditions and local communities
  • Allow for positive interactions among their fellow students and staff


Expectations for the Zhi Xing China Courses:

  • All students will be expected to attend Zhi Xing China Courses as though in a classroom setting and therefore all school rules and?regulations?will apply.?
  • Students are expected to be dressed in?appropriate clothing for the activities and bring all equipment as advised in the preparation documents.
  • Successful?completion is a graduation requirement for Years 9-12
Accordion Programme structure
Programme structure

For the 2016-17 school year, there will be separate schedules for Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary students.


Senior Secondary – Y9-12

  • w/c 24th October 2016


Years 9/10 options

  • Zhi Xing Hunan - Mao’s Long March historical tour
  • Zhi Xing Guizhou – Minority cultures Sociology study
  • Zhi Xing Yunnan – Exploring the beauty of Yunnan
  • Zhi Xing Suzhou & Hangzhou – Two Paradises on Earth cultural tour


Years 11/12 CAS service options

  • Zhi Xing Guangdong – Global village project
  • Zhi Xing Guangxi – Global village project
  • Zhi Xing Sichuan – Global village project


On-campus programme options for Years 9-12

  • Zhi Xing Shanghai – Urban studies project
  • Zhi Xing Songjiang – Science CAS project
  • Zhi Xing Shanghai – Global Perspectives group project


Junior Secondary – Year 6/7/8

  • Dates to be confirmed – a week during the month of April


Year 6

  • Zhi Xing Nanjing & Yangzhou – Historical and cultural tour


Year 7

  • Zhi Xing Shaolin Temple – English travel writing programme
  • Zhi Xing Xi’an & Dunhuang – historical and cultural tour


Year 8

  • Zhi Xing Sanya – Geography experiments and adventure week
  • Zhi Xing Beijing – historical and cultural tour


On-campus programme – further information to follow


**Please note these proposed programmes could be subject to change. Confirmation of final programmes and further details will be delivered in due course**

Accordion Programme partners

Safety is the number one priority on these programmes. We only work with well-established and experienced companies with high reputation and good safety records with internationally-recognised standards. The companies that we use also work with some of the top schools in China, providing high-quality and professional educational experiences for both Chinese and international students. We work closely with them to design programmes that are specific to Pao School, which support the school mission and goals and complement the unique nature of our school and our students.

Accordion Planning Schedule

Senior Secondary Division students

  • End of May – more detailed information distributed to all students and parents regarding programme options and sign-up/registration procedure
  • June 13 – deadline to submit options form to Student Life Office
  • Mid-August, start of school year – registration and payment opens
  • Early September – deadline for payment
  • September and October – pre-programme meetings and work with programme leaders

Junior Secondary Division students

  • September – more detailed information distributed to all students and parents regarding programme options and sign-up/registration procedure
  • December / January – registration and payment
  • February and March – pre-programme meetings and work with programme leaders
Accordion Post trip learning

In order to retain and build on the valuable lessons our students will experience while on these programnes, post-trip projects will be completed by all students. These will take different forms for different year groups but will provide a greater understanding of the individual challenges and allow our students to really reflect on the valuable and life long lessons that they will each take away with them. This is also an opportunity for parents to learn about all the students’ wonderful experiences.

Download the Zhi Xing China Programme brochure for more information.