Accordion Primary Division

Ni Guyin

  • Honorary Headmistress of YK Pao School
  • Former Headmistress of Shanghai No. 1 Teacher
  • Training College Primary School; Recipient of ‘Distinguished Principal’ Award
  • Recipient of ‘Outstanding National Tutor’ Award
  • Recipient of ‘Soong Ching Ling Camphor Tree’ Award

Chen Beilei

  • Former Deputy Headmistress of the Primary School attached to the Shanghai No. 1 Normal University
  • Former Headmistress of Shengda Garden Primary School
  • Recipient of ‘Distinguished Teacher’ Award
  • Member of National and Shanghai Primary School Music Teaching Editorial Committee
  • Representative at the 14th CPC National Congress

Li Aizhen

  • Former Director of the Children’s Department of the Women’s Federation of Shanghai
  • National Model Class Master of Shanghai
  • National Outstanding Young Pioneer Tutor
  • National Family Education Work Advanced Individual
  • Recipient of ‘Love for Children’ Award by the National Working Committee for Children and Women of the State Council

Yin Guofang

  • Former Headmaster of Shanghai Experimental Primary School
  • Former Headmaster of Wan Zhu Primary School
  • Recipient of ‘Distinguished Teacher’ and ‘National Outstanding Teacher’ Awards
  • Representative at the 6th and 7th NPC
  • Labour Model of Ministry of Education
Accordion Secondary Division

Matthew Wu

  • Former Headmaster of Shanghai Ping He Bilingual School
  • Recipient of ‘National Outstanding Private Middle and Primary School Principal’ and ‘Distinguished Teacher’ Awards
  • Former Deputy Director of Shanghai Private Middle and Primary School Association

He Ya’nan

  • Former Headmaster at Shanghai No 3 Girls High School
  • Recipient of ‘Distinguished Principal’ and ‘Distinguished Teacher’ Award
  • Host of Shanghai General Education Principal and Teacher Training Project, English Teacher Training Base
  • Former Vice President of the Shanghai Society of Education, Association of Primary and Secondary Foreign Language Education

Xu Kuanhong

  • Former Teacher at Shanghai No 3 Girls High School
  • Recipient of ‘Distinguished Teacher’ Award
  • Chief of Shanghai College Entrance Examination Question Composition Group
  • Host of Shanghai Advanced Seminar for Distinguished Teachers and Principals

Wang Zuheng

  • Part-time Professor of East China Normal University
  • Recipient of ‘Distinguished Teacher’ Award
  • Mentor at Shanghai Base for Distinguished Teachers

Kong Fangang

  • Former Head of Shanghai High School International Division History and Geography Instruction and Research
  • Staff of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
  • Recipient of ‘Distinguished Teacher’ Award
  • Member of the Standing Committee of the 12th People's Congress of Xuhui District, Education Science and Culture Committee
  • Former Vice President of Shanghai World History Association